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Athens Marathon to return this weekend after pandemic break******

ATHENS, Nov. 10 (Xinhua) -- Greece is set to host the 38th Athens classic marathon race and parallel courses this weekend after last year's break due to the COVID-19 pandemic, organizers told a press conference here on Wednesday.。

A total of 30,000 runners will participate in the 42km course and the 10km and 5km races under strict application of the safety protocol for sports events, Sofia Sakorafa, President of the Hellenic Athletics Federation (SEGAS), said.。

Only the fully vaccinated runners and the runners with proof of recovery from COVID-19 until 15 days before their kit collection from the registration center can participate in the 2021 Athens Marathon event, according to the organizers who also include Attica Region, the Municipalities of Athens and Marathon and the Hellenic Olympic Committee.。

The shorter distance races will be held on Saturday and the 42km race on Sunday.。

Despite challenges and limitations due to the pandemic, "it (the Athens marathon) remains an emblematic race for every long-distance race lover," she stressed.。

That is why in recent years, organizers have added the word "authentic" in the annual event's title to highlight that it is distinguished from all other races because this is where everything started 25 centuries ago.。

As far as the organizers are concerned, the Athens marathon allows runners to have the opportunity to follow in the footsteps of the legendary ancient soldier Pheidippides who first ran the 42 km route from the battlefield of Marathon beach to Athens in 490 BC to inform Athenians of the victory against Persian forces. According to the legend, he collapsed and died of exhaustion after making the announcement.。

Since the revival of the Olympic Games and the Marathon race in the first modern Olympics in Athens in 1896, thousands of runners have run the authentic course. A new record of 60,000 participants from 105 countries and regions was set in 2019.。

Last year the event was canceled due to the pandemic. Athletes and amateur runners are eager for a comeback.。

"It cost us a lot because we love to run this race. I would like to believe that we will never have such misfortunes, difficulties again," Konstantinos Gkelaouzos, a Greek long-distance runner who had won the Athens marathon, said at the press conference.。

"We have finally overcome the problem of COVID-19 and we will all be together at the starting point to celebrate. I wish good luck to all participants," Greek long-distance runner Gloria Priviletzio added.。

All runners crossing the finish line inside the Panathenaic stadium will receive a collective medal designed this year by prominent Greek sculptor Costas Varotsos.。

It is the second in a series of special medals, which will be awaiting runners every year until 2026 for the 130th anniversary of the first Marathon race of modern times.。

This year's medal will show "The Runner," an emblematic sculpture created by Varotsos three decades ago which has been placed near the Panathenaic stadium.。

"The struggle to get from one point to another through obstacles is a daily affair that we all struggle with. The medal I made is based on that (thought)," Varotsos explained on Wednesday after the presentation of the medal. Enditem。


    徕卡早在2012年已经将 "M11" 注册,将名字留待在日后的相机使用,不过 "M11" 注册至今已经有9年,究竟何时会有徕卡 "M11" 相机,近日开始变得明朗,一来徕卡M9已在2009年9月9日发布,有人就预计徕卡"M11" 会在2021年11月11日推出,而且也撞上“光棍节”,相信在也会引起话题,刺激销售。而刚刚就有徕卡M11的谍照流出,看到与徕卡真正露面的日子不远了。 

    谍照只看到M11的机顶,不过徕卡M机型的外在改动向来不多,即使流出更多的外观图,也不及内在规格那么吸引,而且在机顶热靴处看到新机刻有 "LEICA M11" 字样,机顶布局与现有的M10-R有些差异,相信有关谍照应该不是PS的。暂时未知M11的全画幅感光元件规格,5000万像素CMOS和3600万像素CMOS均在可能之列,新机会支持USB-C,机底与Q2一样将会不设独立的机底盖,有别过去M机型的传统。另外有消息指,随新机会加推Visoflex外置电子取景器配件,新配件会兼容现有的M10型号。由于M11没有机底盖,所以M11将会改用BP-SCL7锂离子充电池及BC-SCL7充电器。



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Wu Yibing wins men's singles, doubles at Chinese Tennis Association Tour finals******

MACAO, Dec. 12 (Xinhua) -- Fourth-seeded Wu Yibing won both men's singles and doubles at the Chinese Tennis Association (CTA) Tour finals, which concluded Sunday in China's Macao Special Administrative Region (SAR).。

In the men's singles, Wu beat second seed Terigele 6-3, 6-4 to defend his championship. In the doubles, Wu and partner Gao Xin were 4-6 down in the first set, before turning the tables against Wu Di and Bai Yan with scorelines of 6-3 and 10-8.。

In the women's singles, second seed Wang Yafan breezed past injury-troubled fourth seed Feng Shuo 6-0, 6-1 to be crowned.。

Huang Wei, deputy director of the tennis administrative center under the General Administration of Sport of China, said the tournament aims to break the barriers of region, age and nationality so as to attract more international players from east Asia, southeast Asia and south Asia to compete.。

Before the finals in Macao, the Tour had finished six legs of tournaments in the Chinese cities of Anning, Rizhao, Changsha, Changzhou, Linfen and Guangzhou. Enditem。





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