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twinkle 2004 twinkle

As the New Year approaches and the old one ends
It's time to reflect on where we've been.

So many changes in the news today
Gives us all cause to stop and pray.

With family and friends all gathered round,
We will watch as the New Year ball hits the ground.

Applause and glee as in days before
This time we ring in 2004!

Copyright 2004 Arleen Williams

Copyright Notice: Please DO NOT edit, sell, or claim as your own any of my personal poems. They have a copyright and have a Library of Congress number. If you wish to copy them or put them on your web site, please e-mail me, Arleen Williams, and get permission. If you put them on your web site, a link back to me would be greatly appreciated. You may use them as gifts only, please do not sell my work.,/font>

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