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The true story of Cinderella? Do we really know? We may never find out how it really originated and how it came to be so popular but as little girls, we idolized her. She is someone that made us look forward to a very special day in our lives when we grew up. That day was our own special wedding day!

I can remember as a young girl watching Cinderella for the first time on TV. I would sit there and hold my breath as she would go through all the troubles and trials her wicked step-sisters and her step-mother would throw at her.

But because of her innocence and her obedience, she became a Princess! I watched in awe as the Fairy Godmother turned the pumpkin into a beautiful coach. And as she turned Cinderella into the most beautiful lady of all times.

Cinderella was one of a kind. She allowed us to dream of the day that we would meet our Prince Charming and fall in love. We always looked forward to having the most beautiful wedding in the world along with all the magic that love brings.

You too can have a Cinderella wedding.

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