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Elegant Craft Punch Ornaments
Designed By: Vivian Perritts

Typical Project Completion Time: 1 hour each

Using photo as guide, choose desired shape(s):
Ball, 3" or 4"
Egg, 3"
Wreath, 3-1/2" x 3/4" x 1"

Other Materials: Acrylic paints, colors of choice (designer used: off-white; metallic copper)
Decoupage medium, gloss finish
Wallpaper paste
Craft punches of choice, various sizes
  • (Designer used: extra lg. squiggle, sleigh bell, angel silhouette; lg. snowflakes, holly, primitive heart;
    sm. quasar [curved diamond shape])

  • Metallic-finish textured papers, colors of choice (designer used: gold; copper; silver)
    Satin/wire-edged sheer ribbon, color of choice, 1-1/2" x 2/3 yd. each
    Gold cord, 10" length each
    Wooden skewer
    Paintbrushes: soft round; medium flat
    Disposable palette
    Water basin
    White paper towels, one roll
    Thick, white craft glue
    Optional: Decorative-edge scissors
    1. Tear paper towels into pieces approximately 1" square. Follow manufacturer's instructions to coat paper towel pieces with wallpaper paste; apply paper towel sections to foam shape until completely covered. Gently smooth surface while working. Let dry.

    2. Insert skewer into center top of ornament. Holding skewer and using flat brush, paint ornament with acrylic paint; place skewer in heavy glass or jar to dry.

    3. Using photo as guide, punch several desired shapes from metallic papers. Ornaments feature following punched shapes (quantities are approximate):

  • Top left and bottom center: two different snowflakes (16 each)

  • Top center: squiggle (40)

  • Top right: small quasar (16); primitive heart (25)

  • Bottom left: angels (14); sleigh bells (eight); small quasar (16)

  • (Angel heads overlap at center top and bottom (seven each), bodies fan out; overlapped
    heads are covered by small eight-quasar cluster)

  • Bottom right: holly leaves (40); 1/4"-wide strip cut with decorative-edge scissors

  • 4. Follow manufacturer's instructions to apply decoupage medium to back of punched shapes and decorative strips, one at a time; apply shapes to ornament as shown.

    5. Fold gold cord in half; knot ends. Apply glue to knot; use skewer tip to firmly push knot into hole at top of ornament. Let dry.

    6. Apply several coats decoupage medium to entire ornament; let dry.

    7. Tie ribbon into bow around base of cord.


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