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February Storm

I watched intently
glued to my TV screen;
the storms were nearing
and a bow echo could be seen.

The wind was howling
bending trees to and fro,
As I crouched in the corner
and whispered, "I wish this was snow."

All of a sudden
lightening bolted from the sky
The flash was so bright,
it hurt my eyes.

It was February 16, 2001
When it got so dark and there was no sun.
It rained so hard and you could not see,
So I huddled closer to my Mother's knee
She said, "Everything will be alright",
And before I knew it ....

Copyright 2004 Arleen Williams

Copyright Notice: Please DO NOT edit, sell, or claim as your own any of my personal poems. They have a copyright and have a Library of Congress number. If you wish to copy them or put them on your web site, please e-mail me, Arleen Williams, and get permission. If you put them on your web site, a link back to me would be greatly appreciated. You may use them as gifts only, please do not sell my work.


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