This craft is on my site by popular request for Pin Weaving and is printed with permission from Pat DeSantis of Wrights® Classroom. You can view other projects by Pat, here.

Materials Needed:
2 pkgs. Wrights® Single Fold Bias Tape - your choice of colors (Weave) (#117-200-xxx)
2 pkgs. Wrights® Gold Middy Braid (Warp & Weave) (#117-533-046)
2 pkgs. Wrights® Medium Metallic Gold Rick Rack (#117-426-012) 1 2/3 yds. Wrights® Green Guimpe Braid (for trim and hanger) (#183-6130-081)
1 11" x 15" Piece of Fusible Interfacing
1 11" x 15" Piece of Green Fabric (for backing)
1 13" x 18" Cardboard
Fabric Glue
1 Shuttle (optional)
Straight Pins

Pattern Here


1. Print out the grid pattern. Place the grid on the cardboard. Center the interfacing fusible side up on the grid and pin in place. Cut the warp pieces into eleven 13" lengths. Lay each piece centered on a vertical grid line. Pin at the top and bottom, with the pins angled outward (see illustration 1).

Illustration 1

2. Thread the shuttle and weave it through the warp - over, under, over, etc. Cut the end. Slide the strip down to the bottom. Repeat, weaving the next piece opposite to the first - under, over, under, etc. Slide this piece down to the first so no interfacing shows (see illustration 2). Continue weaving to the top of the warp.

Illustration 2

3. With the pins still in the board, iron the weaving (see illustration 3). Do not slide the iron, just place, press, and lift to another area (sliding may distort the weaving and cause the interfacing to stick to the iron). Remove the pins.

Illustration 3

4. Print out stocking pattern. Pin the pattern over the weaving; it can be positioned straight on the warp, crosswise or at a diagonal (see illustration 4). (By careful placement, sometimes you can get two designs from one weaving). Cut out.

Illustration 4

5. Place the weaving over the backing fabric and cut out. On the back of the weaving, run a bead of glue 1/8" from the edge, leaving a 2" wide unglued opening (see illustration 5). Place the fabric on the back of the weaving; let the glue dry. Glue trim around the front of the stocking.

Illustration 5

6. Enjoy!

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