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A Crafter's Christmas


It is now fifteen days till Christmas
And all through the house
Not a room is cleaned up
Crafting items on the bed, table and couch!

When on the TV what do I hear?
It's almost time, And I said, "oh dear".

I have pillows and blankets and ornaments too
But none of them finished
Oh no, boo hoo

I have worked for months
Still nothing is done
I promise myself next year instead of doing one, two, three, or more
That one at a time will be an easier chore.
A flash in my mind of the smiles I will see
Made me get up and finish these crafts with glee.
The ooing and ahing of gifts unwrapped
And the grandchildren sitting upon my lap
The thanks and the smiles is all I need
To say to myself
You made it . . .yippee!

Copyright 2004 Arleen Williams

Copyright Notice: Please DO NOT edit, sell, or claim as your own any of my personal poems. They have a copyright and have a Library of Congress number. If you wish to copy them or put them on your web site, please e-mail me, Arleen Williams, and get permission. If you put them on your web site, a link back to me would be greatly appreciated. You may use them as gifts only, please do not sell my work.

Arleens Award

This is an award I just received today, March 25, 2004, for this poem. It will be published in a volume entitled "Sound of Poetry".

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