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Flowered Flute Centerpiece
Designed By: Kathleen George

Flowered Flute Centerpiece

Typical Project Completion Time: 1-2 hours
(does not include drying time)

STYROFOAM® Brand Products: Ball, 4" (or size that fits the top of your glass container)


  • Wide-mouth flute or sherbet glass

  • Ribbon:

  • 1-1/2" sheer ombre purple/violet nylon edge ribbon:
    24" for ruffle (or twice the circumference of the ball)
    14" - 18" for each gathered rose (model used four roses)
    1" green wired ribbon, 12"
    1" ombre purple/violet wired ribbon, 12"
    1" purple satin ribbon, 1 yd.
    1-1/2" pink nylon edge ribbon, 12"
  • Straight pins

  • Needle

  • Thread, coordinating color


    1. Sew a running stitch with 1/8" stitches down the center of 24" length of sheer ombre ribbon. Pull the thread, gathering the ribbon, until the length equals the circumference of the ball. Pin ruffle around the center of the ball; place ball in glass so the ruffle rests on the outside of the glass. (If you are using a different size glass and ball, measure the circumference of the balls, and use double this measurement for the ribbon length.)

    2. To make roses, cut a 14" - 18" length of sheer ombre ribbon, and gather down the center as in Step 1. Pull gathers tightly, keeping darker shade on one side. Stitch center of ribbon to secure gathers. The darker half will be the center of the flower; fold over the lighter half so it surrounds the center. Pin flower onto ball.

    3. Make wired ribbon rose for the top of ball. Cut a 14" - 18" length ombre purple wired ribbon. Expose wire at both ends and gather ribbon tightly in the center (don't pull the wire, as it may break); see Diagram 1. Wrap extra wire around each end of the ribbon to keep ribbon gathered; see Diagram 2. Following Diagram 3, fold down one corner and wrap with wire. Roll this end twice along the gathered edge; sew in place. Continue rolling, securing each row with a whipstitch, until rose forms a spiral pattern (Diagram 5). At end, fold raw edge to the back and whipstitch in place. Bend and fold back outer edges of the petals to form a more realistic rose. Pin center of rose to the top of the ball.

    4. Embellish with ribbon leaves. Following Diagram 1, fold over corner on 2-1/2" length of 1" green wired ribbon. Fold down top point and stitch in place to secure (Diagram 2). Gather other end slightly (Diagram 3). Completed leaf should look like Diagram 4. Pin in place on ball.

    5. Make bows from purple satin ribbon and pink sheer ribbon; pin to ball to fill in any gaps. Trim ribbon ends as needed.


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