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Handmade Pillow Doll Pattern and Instructions
by Lanetia Ward

Lanetia has sent me the patterns for the pillow dolls. These instructions will be in two pages and each section is separated for your convenience. If you use her patterns, please email her and let her know as a courtesy 'thank you'. She is offering this as a free pattern.

Thanks, Lanetia for the great craft idea for crochet!



Starting at center, ch 3.

RND 1(right side): work 10 hdc in 3rd ch from
hook, join with a sl st in top of beg ch-2
(10 hdc-not counting ch 20. ch 2,do not

RND 2: Work 2 hdc in each hdc around, join(as
before)- 20 hdc. ch 2,do not turn.

RND 3: * Hdc in each of next 2 hdc, 2 hdc in next
hdc; rep from * around, join(30 hdc),
ch 2,do not turn.

RND 4: * Hdc in each of next 2 hdc, 2 hdc in next
hdc; rep form * around, join(40 hdc).
ch 2,do not turn.

RNDS 5-17: Rep RNDS 3-15 of pillow top. At end of
Rnd 15 of pillow top, do not turn, ch 2.
Finish off, leaving 3 yds. sewing length.

Do this the same as pillow top, if you
want a smaller one do less rnds, but make
the bottom the same size as the top.


STEP 1: Take pillow doll turn upside down, place
pillow top (right side turned to head of
doll), using hot glue gun,put one string
of hot glue around doll's waist just below
navel and place pillow top over hot glue
until set.

STEP 2: Tie enough yarn to under side of doll
and thread through hole of bottom part
of pillow, thread yarn through 4 hole
7/8'' or 1'' white button and tie on the
inside of pillow.

STEP 3: With backs of top and bottom (make sure
that the back is where the stitches began),
with same color yarn join with a sl st
and weave with a sc around leaving enough
opening to fill pillow, fill with fiber-fill
to form a pillow, finish closing with sc,
at end make knot to secure, weave in ends,
then shape pillow into a plump, well-rounded


To put lace trimming on-- with a hot glue
gun make a bead of glue around edge and
put lace on glue and let set. To put lace
on dress do the same.


In front lps join with a sl st.

RND 1: ch 4 (do not count as trc), work 2 trc
in same lp as joining and each rem un-worked
lp around, join with a sl st in top of beg
ch-4 (do not count ch-4 as trc). ch 4,
do not turn.

RND 2-3: Trc in each trc around, join (as before),
ch 4, do not turn. At end of Rnd 3, ch 1
(in place of ch 4), do not turn.

RND 4: sc in next trc, * sk next trc, sc in next
trc; rep from * around to last trc, ch 4,
sk last trc, join with a sl st of beg sc.
Finish off and weave in ends.

Materials Needed For Pillow Doll:

1 8'' Pillow Doll

Knitting Worsted Weight Yarn:

3 7oz. any color yarn
1 7/8'' OR 1'' dia. 4 hole button
14-16oz. Fiberfill
4 sets Small hooks and eyes
Hot glue gun-glue
Ribbon to match yarn
Flowers or pearls
Lace to match yarn

You can put any type of decoration on the
dress with anything that you like. Like little
hats, pretty ribbons,small flowers. Ribbons
are tied around the waist and drape down
the back.


Copyright 2004 Arleen Williams

Copyright Notice: Please DO NOT edit, sell, or copy the doll photos without express permission of the creator, Lanetia Ward. If you wish to copy this article to put on your web site, please e-mail me, Arleen Williams, and get permission. These photos may not be copied to be placed in an archive, list, distribution list or in any other list without contacting the owner of the photos, Lanetia Ward and the article may not be reproduced without express consent from Arleen Williams, editor Free Craft Creations.

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