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This is the Plastic Canvas section of Free Craft Creations.
Here you will find an Icicle Santa pattern, Ice Skate pattern and more.
Plastic canvas crafts for your enjoyment!

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Icicle Santa
15 x 57 holes
Cut 2

Ice Skate
Cut 1

Crosses Coaster
28 x 28 holes
Stocking Photo Frame

High Top Sneaker

Day House Coaster
25 x 25 holes
Photo Frame
Photo Frame Ornament

Night House Coaster
25 x 25 holes

Here are some of the plastic canvas crafts I have made for my family. I would attach one of these ornaments to their present at Christmas and they would then have a new ornament to go on their tree for the next year!

Coasters make a lovely gift for any occasion.

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