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Photo Frame Pattern

Frame front and back  
Frame inside  
This is the pattern I used to make my photo frames.  
The colors used on this particular frame are: red, green and white.
It is very easy to do and makes a great tree ornament for that special
person on your shopping list!

You will do this frame in steps.  
Step 1: Cut the plastic canvas to size. You will have three sections.
Two of them will be completely worked and one will be
the frame where the inside is cut out for the window.  
Step 2: You will work the front sides of each piece,
leaving the edges to work last on the joining round.  
A few tips about working with plastic canvas...this pattern calls for a size determined by the holes. This particular pattern is done on 7 mesh canvas and is cut the size indicated. Since this pattern is basically square, the sides will be easy to determine. But if you are using a pattern like the Icicle Santa Pattern, then you will have to make sure that you do the correct length and width and then do the cut outs where indicated  
Step 3: Before joining the front and back,you will join the frame section to the back section leaving the spine side un-worked for now. At this point, your back piece should have the back and the frame piece attached on three sides. Now you will cut a piece of felt and glue it to the backside of the front piece, to hide your stitches and make it attractive. Then place your picture into the frame, hold the front and back pieces right sides together and whip stitch closed. (NOTE: If you want to be able to change the photo, then when you whip stitch the front and back together, DO NOT work the frame edging with it. After you have completed the frame you would then add a piece of yarn attached to the spine at the top for a hanging ornament.  

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