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Top Ten Christmas Gifts
by Adam Peters 

My Christmas gifts wish list is a very long list. Condensing it to the top ten Christmas gifts that I would like will take some thought, but I will try. I have wanted a keyboard for quite a while. I know some music, but I would just love to be able to play some Mozart or Beethoven to help relax me and de-stress my day. A keyboard and some sheet music would go a long way to making me happy and my children sad.  

Another gift that I would like is some classical music CD's. Nothing obscure, but more in the vein of Mozart, Beethoven, Choplin to help bring some calming influence into my chaotic home. Practical gifts is what I would normally choose, however, a great pair of black leather boots would be wonderful to wear with my jeans and skirts. They would also help to keep my tootsies warm during the cold winter months.  

Another somewhat practical gift is a few cashmere sweaters. Bright colored, warm, soft sweaters are just the best during the cold, drab winter months. A great warm, soft throw blanket is wonderful, too. You also can't go wrong with some books. The newest bestseller or a great cookbook would give me something to do when it is too cold to be outside. Perfume would be great, too. I have expensive tastes, however, so it will have to be something French.  

Food is the way to this person's heart. Hot chocolate, milk chocolate, and anything chocolate is a good choice for me. A good wine would be nice, too. You know it wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be to narrow my list down. I am really not that picky about what I like, as long as you give it with love and keep the receipt!  

I enjoy giving presents much more than I enjoy receiving. I enjoy finding the thing that will make the gift receiver's eyes light up. Yes, my family gives me a Christmas gifts list, but I always buy a surprise or two that I know that they will love. I might buy tickets to a show that they have been wanting to see or a membership to a museum that they love to visit. I don't really like to buy gift certificates. It just seems that you just don't make the effort to determine what they would like, but I have had to give them when I just cannot come up with something special. The top Christmas gifts for children and teenagers usually includes the latest computer games, music, or technology gadget, but you can't go wrong with classic board games, a train set, or a doll's house either. Choosing Christmas gifts does not have to be difficult. Just do it with love and you are sure to find a gift that they will love and enjoy!  

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