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Wedding Cake Package Toppers
Designed By: Lorine Mason

Wedding Cake Package Toppers

Typical Project Completion Time: 1-2 hours
(does not include drying time)

STYROFOAM® Brand Foam:
Sheet, 36" x 12" x 2"


  • Dimensional paints: white puff-finish; iridescent white pearl-finish

  • Trims of choice: ribbon, silk, or porcelain flowers; satin ribbon; lace; pearls; pearl string

  • Craft foam, 9" x 12" sheets, one each: white; pink, or color of choice

  • Metallic poster board, gold or silver

  • Round metal cookie cutters, 1" thick: 2"; 3"; 4"; 5" OR Serrated knife

  • Candle stub or paraffin

  • Compass, or round household items of appropriate diameter (see instructions)

  • Fine-line black permanent marker

  • Pencil

  • Ruler

  • Rubber bands or chenille stems, three

  • Scissors: straight edge; decorative-edge
  • Glue for plastic/craft foam


    1. Referring to photo, use cookie cutters to cut cake layers from foam sheet as indicated: Pink Parfait Cake (pictured left), one each: 2"; 3"; 4": Beautiful Blue Rose Cake (center), one each: 2"; 4"; White Satin Cake (right), one each: 3"; 5".

    2. If cutters are unavailable, trace household items or use compass to draw circles onto foam sheet. Wax serrated knife with candle stub or paraffin; cut out circles. Gently roll edges along flat surface to smooth.

    3. Measure and cut one 1" x 12" strip from white craft foam for each cake layer. Trace each layer once onto remaining white craft foam for top of layer. Cut out circles, just outside traced line.

    4. Apply even layer of foam glue to back of cake tops; glue to foam circles. Turn layers upside down and place heavy book on top. Let dry.

    5. Wrap 1" strip of white craft foam around edge of each cake layer, overlapping ends 1/2". Trim excess. Apply even layer of foam glue to back of foam strip; wrap around cake layer, keeping top edge flush with cake top. Trim excess so strip ends meet with no overlap. Secure strip to cake layer with rubber band or chenille stem. Let dry. Remove rubber bands.

    6. For cake base, draw circle onto poster board, 3/4" larger than bottom cake layer. Use decorative-edge scissors to cut out circle. For ribbon guide, measure and cut out a 1" x 2" rectangle. Overlap and glue 1" ends together, forming a tube. Let dry. Press rectangle flat.

    7. Glue cake layers together, then glue cake to center of base. Glue ribbon guide to center bottom of base.

    8. Referring to photo, use dimensional paint to pipe "icing" borders around top and bottom cake edges and where layers meet. Create borders by making a series of dots or scrolls. If desired, insert pearl beads into icing while wet. If using puff paint, let dry 24 hours, then use hair dryer to slowly activate paint. Do not get dryer too close to craft foam, or it may leave a mark.

    9. Glue lace, individual pearls, and pearl-string (see blue cake) or craft-foam (see pink cake) garlands around layers as desired.

    10. To make pearl-string garland, measure diameter of cake layer and divide by desired number of loops. Make small, evenly-spaced pencil marks at top edge of cake layer for placement guide. Cut pearl-string into equal lengths to make garland loops. Glue loops to cake as shown.

    11. To make craft-foam garland, measure 1/2" x 12" strips onto colored craft foam. Use decorative-edge scissors to cut out garland along traced lines, being sure design matches on both edges. Finished garland will be 1/4" wide.

    12. Cut stems from flowers. Glue flowers and leaves to cake as desired.

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