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Cross-stitch and Embroidery

My mother use to love to embroider. She did a lot of pillow cases and some scarves. But pillow cases were her specialty. She taught me how to embroider at a young age and I loved it also, although at the time, I was not as passionate about it as she.

But since I have grown older and somewhat wiser lol I can see the joy in doing this craft. I learned to do daisy stitches, french knots and other stitches. When you first start to embroider you sort of feel intimidated, or at least I did. But once I got started and could see shapes of flowers or whatever the pattern was that you are working on, take shape then you feel proud!

Although my mother is no longer with me, I will always remember her taking the time to teach me embroidery and will always remember how she loved this craft so.

I,myself, have never done cross-stitch. But I do love the work. My niece does counted cross-stitch and it just amazes me every time she shows me some of her work. Even though I do not actually do this particular craft, I have included some site links that I thought you would like.

Embroidery and Cross-stitch links:

This site offers free charts and much more.

Cross-stitch: This site has a lot of beautiful patterns.

Happy St.Patrick's Day to stitch.

Want to do an egg for St. Patrick's Day? Click here !

I will be adding other links in the coming weeks so check back often.

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